Subscribe to Tweedo Pro
Sync 1 account
Create up to 3 segments
Scan up to 20 business cards
Create unlimited segments
Scan unlimited business cards
* Billed $65 annually or $6.99 month-to-month
per month
Sync up to 5 accounts (Google contacts, phone book, Outlook, iCloud)
Many of Tweedo's features are free to use. Tweedo Pro offers advanced features that can be unlocked with a single in-app subscription.
Frequently asked questions
Can I try Tweedo for free?
Yes! Many of Tweedo features are free to use.
How does Tweedo Pro plan works?
Tweedo Pro offers advanced features including ability to synchronize several accounts, create unlimited segments and scan unlimited business cards.

You can subscribe to Tweedo pro in the app settings. The Pro plan costs $6.99 per month or $65 if billed annually. You can cancel your subscription anytime.
Do you have monthly and yearly billing options?
With Tweedo Pro, you can subscribe to either a monthly ($6.99/month) or yearly plan ($65/year). The yearly billing option is approximately 20% less expensive than the monthly option.
What happens if I am not satisfied with Tweedo?
You can cancel your subscription anytime and keep using the free version of the app.
Will I lose my data if I downgrade from the Pro plan to the free plan?
No, your data is never deleted from Tweedo. However, when you downgrade to the free plan, you will be able to synchronize your data from only one account.
How to cancel my subscription?
App Store subscriptions auto-renew by default, so you need to manually cancel them. You can find the option to cancel the auto-renew by viewing your Apple ID in iTunes or the App Store and then selecting the "Subscriptions" option.
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