Discover the many ways Tweedo can help you organize and manage your personal and professional connections.


Tweedo makes navigating your network effortless. Our powerful advanced search makes it easy to find the contact you need using any context you remember. Search by location, title, event, company name or any keyword.
Find what you are looking for
Tweedo SEGMENTS is the easiest way to organize your contacts by location, company name, profession or any custom attributes. With smart segmentation, you can create contact groups by tags right from the search.
Organize your way
Tweedo automatically enriches your contacts' profiles with their social and publicly listed information like company name and title, social links, email, and location. We save you the trouble of having to manually find and enter all the details.
Get enriched contact profiles
More context means deeper relationships. Write notes on contacts and attach files. Add more details or follow-up points in a built-in notes section to add context to your relationships.
Add notes and files
It's easy to forget about an important event when you have dozens of conversations going on. If you've got a follow'up due, a business call or a birthday coming, Tweedo will kindly remind you. It's like your own personal assistant.
Keep track of what's coming up
Introducing yourself has never been so easy. Network and share your contact details with just one tap. Simply shake the phone to share your contact information instantly.
Shake to share your contacts
Go paperless and keep your digital business card with you whenever and wherever you need it. Tweedo lets you create multiple digital cards and share them at meetings and events.
Share your digital business card
Convert paper business cards into contacts with a single tap. Fast, easy and accurate. Use Tweedo to transcribe business cards to your contact list.
Scan business cards
Tweedo works with your favorite products and tools.